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'I had a blast being interviewed by Andrew on Queer I Am. He is such a consummate host, making his guests feel relaxed to just be themselves and let the queer conversation flow! He's certainly a rising star to watch and an asset to both the LGBTQ+ and podcast community!'

Nathaniel j. Hall. Actor, Theatre Maker and Writer.

My Story

Thank you, so much, for checking out I'm Andrew,  a Voice Artist and Writer, based in Brighton and hove, uk.


I specialise in Podcasts, Radio and Voiceover; further information about my projects can be found within the website. 

Having worked in the corporate world for the last 20 years, I have built a wealth of  invaluable professional experience, communication and client service skills and I am certain I can deliver an efficient, effective and high class service when it comes to you working with me. 

I Am a Queer artist and so working with, and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community within my projects is incredibly important to me; I do however diversify and I'm open to working with clients from all backgrounds, with the caveat that the work is ethical, interesting and I believe I can deliver what the client is looking for. 


I am originally from Suffolk, but have lived in Brighton and Hove Since 2021.  I am married to my wonderful partner Theo and we have been together since 2005. I am a huge fan of pop music, dancing and love to spend quality time with those closet in my life. 

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