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Press Release March 2023.

Andrew Flewitt, Voice Artist and Presenter.

For all press enquiries, please contact Helen Trevorrow or Vicky Hague at Green Row Communications.

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Queer I Am, the podcast that celebrates Queer Artists and Queer Allies is proud to announce the launch of its 3rd season. By popular demand, season 3 will be recorded weekly in front of a live studio audience, kicking off on the 1stMay featuring authors, SJ Watson, and Helen Trevorrow and Performer Anthony Barnett (AKA Shallow Vera).  


Queer I Am S3 follows its break-out successful first two seasons that have been downloaded in more than 40 countries. The show celebrates Queer Artists and Queer Allies, their craft, and the story behind their success. It talks about the beautiful queer community, discusses the power of having allies inside and outside of the community, and the roles that sexuality and gender identity play in the creation of art. 


Tickets are available now to be part of the live audience. Featured guests include Artist, Author and Film Maker, Fox Fisher; Chief Executive of Terrence Higgins Trust, Richard Angell; Actress, Author and Philanthropist, Jill Nalder; CEO of LGBT Switchboard, Jacob Bayliss and Rugby Player and Manager, Paul Tindle and many more. 


Created and hosted by Andrew Flewitt, they will be partnering with Arcobaleno an inclusive venue in the heart of Brighton, and the inspiring charity Across Rainbows, a charity that focuses on redefining queer identity, to host 8 incredible live discussions, featuring a panel of special guests for each recording. The panel discussions aim to get under the skin of key topics that resonate with our Queer community and will also act as research for Andrew’s debut book, Queer I Am, The Book I Wish I’d Been Given. 


Creator and Host, Andrew Flewitt, said: “The calibre of guests and contributors is a testament to how quickly the Queer I Am podcast has evolved. A live audience will elevate this season with energy, fun and their contribution through the Q&A session at the end of each episode. It is a thrill to be partnering with Arcobaleno, an inclusive space in Brighton that has kindly allowed me to host the podcast there, and their production company, Across Rainbow Productions. Across Rainbow Productions will be filming the podcast conversations and will release these on their YouTube channel and social platforms; this is not only elevating the podcast to a new level, but for me, demonstrates the power of our community coming together and supporting each other.” 


There is an incredible line up of guests, all of which will be contributing to interesting and thought-provoking conversations:


Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir (Owl), is an author, feminist, advocate, and Metro columnist. Ulga said, “Queer I Am, The Podcast offers queer people a chance to combat those narratives with real, authentic, and engaging conversations. I'm going to be discussing queer relationships, which I always think is an important topic. So often trans people are painted as topics of disgust and people that are seen as undesirable - but trans people are likewise seen as a commodity, fetishises and sexualised. Navigating that as a trans person can be incredibly tricky, and finding love in another trans person who understands me and loves me for who I am, as opposed to despite it, is a radical act in itself. In a world that keeps telling us we are unlovable, it's a rebellion to find love in each other”. 


Adam Zmith is a writer and podcast producer; his work covers history, LGBTQ+ life and culture, art, sex and more. Adam is the author of Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures, and is the producer of various podcast series including The Log Books, The Film We Can't See and a new one coming soon that platforms the stories of queer migrant men in London.  Speaking with Adam about appearing on Queer I Am, The Podcast, he confirmed ‘It's super important to keep the conversation about queer lives and rights going, because people are trying to stop us from living our lives free and in dignity. The quiet recent harassment by councils of queer sex raves, the daily attacks on trans people in the so-called 'debate' about rights, the destruction of sexual health services, and the rise in homophobic/biphobic/transphobic hate crimes in recent years — these all make it clear that we must keep talking about our lives, our history, and asserting our rights.  


Author and Journalist Daniel Harding, who released his debut book last year Gay Man Talking – All the Conversations We Never Had said that ‘We must continue to push boundaries, open conversations, and reach wider. It’s our job to use platforms and voices, standing with our own and others - both inside and outside the community. Our conversation is never over, never done, never exhausted. There are many more to have, many more to hear and much more to say.’ 

This will be a ticketed event and an opportunity to listen to thought provoking and inspiring discussions, with an incredible line up of artists from the queer community. We are working with several authors, and The Kemp Town Bookshop will be selling signed books by the authors at each event.  


The conversations are as follows:

  • Monday 1st May 2023 - Understanding and Exploring Identity.

  • Tuesday 9th May 2023 - Coming Out and Living Your Truth. 

  • Monday 15th May 2023 - Queer Sex

  • Monday 22nd May 2023 - Queer Shame. 

  • Monday 29th May 2023 - Queer Mental Health. 

  • Monday 05th June 2023 - Queer Relationships

  • Monday 12th June 2023 - Understanding and Acknowledging Queer History.

  • Monday 19th June 2023 - Queer Community and Allyship. 

You can get tickets for each recording, by clicking here. Tickets are £3.00 per guest, and all money will go to Across Rainbows, a charity that focuses on redefining queer identity.  

Arcobaleno Website        

Across Rainbows            


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